Monday, March 30, 2015

Ferguson Subaru | Walk In The Park

Every March 30th is National Take a Walk in the Park Day! As Oklahoma's number 1 Subaru dealership, we highly recommend you take full advantage of this holiday! Subaru is committed to being a leader in environmental initiatives and is an automaker who believes in preserving the outdoors. Take the day and enjoy all of nature's beauty in your local park and celebrate National Take a Walk in the Park Day with us! 

We recommend taking a walk in the park with some friends. Keith Graham, from Ferguson Subaru, decided to do just that with a couple of our four-legged friends! Keith along with some of his K9 companions hopped in the new Subaru XV Crosstrek and headed down to our local Broken Arrow park!

If you can't make it to the park today, join us April 25th for the annual Bark Walk - a Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma fundraising event. The Bark Walk, now in its sixth year, features a 1 mile walk through the beautiful Chilsolm Trail next to the NSU campus in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma . All breeds are welcome! There will have adoptions, $20 microchipping,  pet contests, raffles, training tips and more!




Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ad Astra Per Aspera: Subaru Helps Future Space Exploration

During the 1950's and 1960's the United States and the former Soviet Union were in a heated competition to land the first human on the moon. This time period is called the first Space Race. Now, in the 21st century, there's an argument that we're in the second Space Race. There's been an increase in space technology development from countries such as China, India, the European Union, and Japan. 

Engineers and scientists are continuing to develop technologies that lead to more discoveries about the cosmos; discoveries that may help answer questions about the formation of the planets and stars. There's no telling what new discoveries await us in the future. But, all that knowledge can be lost, if a focus is not placed on fostering the next generation of engineers and scientist to carry on the research. Luckily, some of the world's most successful companies have come together to make sure we continue to inspire and educate our next generation of space leaders, and one of those companies is Subaru. 

Subaru recognizes the importance of education, and especially STEM (science technology engineering math) education, in helping to prepare and inspire our youth to become the next generation of business, science, community, technology, and education leaders. To help the scientists, astronauts and engineers of tomorrow, Subaru announced its continued partnership with the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP).

The Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) is a program of the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE) in Washington, D.C. One of the core goals of the SSEP program is to inspire and engage America's next generation of scientist and engineers. SSEP immerses students, from across the country, ranging from 5th grade all the way up to college, in science experiments that will actually be developed and implemented on the International Space Station.

Through the partnership, Subaru will donate $50,000 to the program to support schools in communities across the country that are in need of funding to participate in this education initiative. Subaru has to date made possible SSEP participation by 9 communities across the U.S. This corresponds to 3,090 students that were engaged in experiment design due to Subaru’s commitment, and 741 proposals received from student teams. 

It's only fitting that Subaru (a company that embraces a culture that includes empowerment, innovation, and continual learning) cares about the protection of space exploration and the development of tomorrow's scientist and engineers. Subaru, after all owes its name from Pleiades, a star cluster in the Taurus constellation.

Subaru believes that engaging students in unique learning opportunities, such as this model initiative, are important in bringing STEM education to life. Subaru is proud to be a national partner of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program.